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Second touch navigation from the Application Launch on the device.


Short synopsis provided about the upcoming production, with back-links to the Application Launch and a forward-link to the ticketing function (Find Your Seat!). The masthead (logo) for the Four Seasons Centre links directly to the related page on the COC's website, should the opera goer be interested in more information about the venue itself.

For protoype purposes, the mouse cursor takes the place of an opera goer's fingers.


All imagery was created and/or edited in Adobe Photoshop and brought into the Avion Editor for layout, navigation design, interaction design and configuration. 

Rigoletto is one of the best known of Verdi's

operas, with the Duke's La donna รจ mobile the most famous of its arias and one that has a particular function in the opera, as it returns at the end to reveal to Rigoletto the fact that the Duke is still alive. The theme of Monterone's curse, an element that recurs in the opera, is first heard in the opening prelude, while the Duke's character is first established with the carefree Questa o quella (This or that woman). Rigoletto's first meeting with Sparafucile gives rise to his monologue Pari siamo (We are alike), as he considers the weapons of the dagger and the tongue.


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