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Created July, 2015

Madama Butterfly is one of Puccini's most moving operas, its drama centred on Cio-Cio-San, whose childish innocence at her marriage and continued ingenuous faith are contrasted with the callousness of Pinkerton. As Pinkerton's ship returns, she and Suzuki decorate the house with cherry-blossom, while the Humming Chorus provides an interlude before Pinkerton's delayed appearance, for which she has waited so long. He feels a touch of sorrow at what he has done, as he bids the little house farewell.

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Madama Butterfly

Artyfax Creative

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Madama Butterfly

First touch navigation from the Application Launch on the device.


Short synopsis provided about the upcoming production, with back-links to the Application Launch and a forward-link to the ticketing function (Find Your Seat!). The masthead (logo) for the Four Seasons Centre links directly to the related page on the COC's website, should the opera goer be interested in more information about the venue itself.

For protoype purposes, the mouse cursor takes the place of an opera goer's fingers.


All imagery was created and/or edited in Adobe Photoshop and brought into the Avion Editor for layout, navigation design, interaction design and configuration.