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Premise: An opera company wants to draw a broader audience and turn newcomers into recurring, passionate patrons. The intention is to create a design which serves as a companion screen experience to accompany an opera performance. The delivery is via a sponsored, small tablet built into every armrest and which would also be available on mobile devices.


This is a stand-alone application specifically designed for in-house use for an Opera Company, in this example, the Canadian Opera Company located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The mandate was to provide a working tablet (in this example, with a sponsorship from Samsung for the device) which could be utilized pre and post show by the audience as both an interactive advertisement for upcoming new productions in the Opera Season, with a short synopsis of the story, and to provide an instant, "in your seat" ordering system in order for customers to book their tickets from the comfort of their Opera House seats. The masthead (logo) is linked to the COC's home page. The ticketing function is linked directly back to the COC's own ticket ordering service, and would therefore be in real time - preventing the possibility of double-booking. As seats become booked the ticket ordering service will block those seats from becoming available, and because it's a live-linked active in-house application, the devices will all be updated at exactly the same moment as the host ordering site.

For protoype purposes, the mouse cursor takes the place of an opera goer's fingers.


All imagery was created and/or edited in Adobe Photoshop and brought into the Avion Editor for layout, navigation design, interaction design and configuration. 

An Interactive, Immersive Encounter with Opera

Created July, 2015

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